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Bingo Night & Social Club Rockville, MD

The Progress Club has been in existence since 1912.  We have had several locations over the years.  It began with several prominent Washington businessmen who enjoyed each others company and also had a desire to help the community they lived and worked in.  They began meeting at rented hotel space until they began renting their own space. 


We have been at our current location at Congressional Shopping Center since the early 1980’s, with about 160 members.


A wide variety of occupations are represented by our members, and we also have many retirees as members.  Our slogan is, “Dedicated to the needs of others.”  The Progress Club Foundation sponsors many charitable events.  


Our club is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, from 9 am until we close.  We provide a fabulous menu which includes salads, sandwiches, and full dinner such as salmon, rack of lamb and beef tenderloin.


On Friday nights we have our family night with a full menu and various “all you can eat” meals, including our world famous ice cream bar.  


Thursday nights we host Bingo, which helps fund the Foundation and our various charities.


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